Beaver Coal Company, Limited owns approximately 50,000 acres of surface and mineral property centrally located in Raleigh County, West Virginia, and within a 10 mile radius of Beckley. Much of the property is serviced by all public utilities and is primed for commercial, industrial and residential development. Beaver Coal Company, Limited prefers to enter long-term ground leases of its surface property but has on numerous occasions sold property for development.

With an average elevation of 2,200 feet, Beaver Coal's land holdings are situated on a natural plateau that exhibit enhancing views of timberland, rivers, gorges and meadows. Raleigh County is considered a gateway to a variety of outstanding recreational activities that draw people to the area and prompt their interest to return and stay to be part of its future development. Among Raleigh County's attractions are world-famous whitewater rafting excursions, amazing snow skiing resorts, splendid golfing opportunities, adventurous ATV riding, and challenging hiking and biking expeditions.

Beaver Coal Company's landholdings are not only blessed with natural beauty and prime location, it is readily accessible by a variety of transportation methods. The transportation system around Beaver Coal Company's property consists of the N & W Railroad, the CSX Railroad (both railroads run through the property), the Raleigh County Memorial Airport (adjacent to the eastern boundary of Beaver Coal Company property) and numerous four and six lane federal and state highways.

  • Interstate 77 runs in a southeasterly direction through the center of the property
  • Interstate 64 runs in an east to west direction through the center of the property
  • The Coal Fields Expressway originates on Beaver Coal Company property near the Town of Sophia, West Virginia, and runs in a southwesterly direction through the property
  • The Planned Beckley By-Pass forms the third leg of the triangle with Interstate 64 and Interstate 77 and will traverse Beaver Coal Company property in a northwesterly direction
  • U.S Route 19 runs southeasterly through Beaver Coal Company's property and intersects Interstate 77 just three miles north of Beaver Coal Company's property